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Buying air conditioning equipment is not easy. There are many manufacturers, many varied specifications, many and varied installation parameters and then there are the many installers. Electricians, Plumbers and Refrigeration Mechanics. These variables make it virtually impossible to choose between prices as the quality of equipment, materials and installers will vary so much.

Make sure your installer has his qualifications:
1. He/she must hold a refrigeration CFC license
2. He/she must be licensed with the plumbing industry

To make the choice easy Sovereign Air use only quality materials select only quality products and use only qualified, competent, clean and friendly installers.

From design and advise to the finished installation Sovereign Air pay attention to detail to ensure your job is the best it can possibly be. Our friendly personnel come to you, view the installation, calculate heat load, and discuss your particular needs and select the right system. We price and design a system that suits your application. We set a date for the work to be done and we turn up on that date. On completion management return to inspect the work and make sure it is up to standard.


With so many brands on the market these days… do you choose. Simple – Leading brand manufacturers with a proven track record are what you need to be choosing from. Panasonic and Delonghi are two of the worlds leading brands and Accent Air is an all Australian made quality product backed by great warranties, making your selection easy, reliable and hassle free.

Panasonic boasts a large range of reverse cycle wall split systems in standard and inverter, ducted, cassette and under ceiling units. All equipment uses the new 410a refrigerant approved for the future.
Panasonic are built to the strictest quality and safety standards, efficient and have the lowest failure or warranty recall in the industry. They also boast great energy saving and have a full 5 year warranty.
• Superior quality
• 5 year warranty
• Low operational costs
• Superior Dehumidificaton process
• Well designed and good looking
• Multi speed fan
• Odor cleaning cycle
• Low warranty recall

Delonghi have a full range of reverse cycle wall splits in standard and inverter with flat panels. They have a selection of portable cooling units, dehumidifiers, heating radiators, heated towel rails. They also have multi headed systems and stylish head design to suit any application.
• Plasma filtration system
• Self cleaning
• Multi speed fan
• Remote control
• Auto restart following power failure
• Low ambient operation

Accent Air has a large range of domestic and commercial ducted units from 8 to 90kWs in split and package configuration. They have low profile fan coils for those difficult applications. Accent also have a range of air to water and water to air systems perfect for swimming pools and commercial process operations.
• Digital scroll compressors
• Stainless steel fittings
• Superior de-ice control for harsh conditions
• Unique louvered grille protects the coils from weather damage
• Long warranty – Commercial 2 years – Domestic 5 years

Quality products installed by competent, qualified installers and supervised to completion giving you peace of mind. All backed by superior warranty periods.

Back up:

All of our installations are backed up by Sovereign Air Service division which operates 24 hours – 7 days a week

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