Programs to suit your needs:

  • Periodical Planned Programs
  • Essential Service Programs
  • Preventative Programs
  • Comprehensive Programs

What is Maintenance?

Maintenance is the backbone of your operation as it is also the backbone of ours. Maintenance is the regular inspection, testing, servicing and cleaning of plant and equipment. It is required to keep equipment operating efficiently and to save the cost and inconvenience of preventable breakdowns.

Why do maintenance?

Prevention is cheaper than cure. We understand how important maintenance of your equipment is and because of this we have a separate division dedicated to providing this service on time. Maintenance staff are focused on the regular servicing, cleaning and reporting of equipment.

Our maintenance staff are diligent and proactive in ensuring plant and equipment are operating in good working order, that it meets health regulations, OH & S issues and government compliance regulations. We also ensure that all reports are completed accurately. We clean critical plant, filters, grilles and keep grease and oil lubricating essential items. We change consumable items once they have reached their working usefulness.

What sort of program should I choose?

Maintenance programs should meet your specific needs and our programs do just that. The company has developed a variety of maintenance programs to best suit needs and requirements. These range from services that are cost effective, proactive, compliance orientated or fully comprehensive. These are:-

  • Visual Service Inspection – VSTR
  • Preventative Maintenance Program – PMP
  • Essential Service Program – ESP
  • Just One Program – JOP
  • All maintenance works are completed by competent qualified trades people who are trained in maintenance service and supervised by our maintenance manager. All inspection programs are completed with a detailed status and fault report.

    How do we do this?

    We assign a competent qualified maintenance mechanic to take care of your on site maintenance issues to keep your plant in good health. We’d like you to know we take pride in our work and we know your equipment and its operation will benefit. Our staff are trained to service the equipment in accordance to the equipment check list we agree on, make adjustments, clean filters, coils, drains, equipment cases and grilles as and when necessary. We also schedule the replacement of consumable items like belts, driers, oil, grease and filter media as well as the cleaning of condenser and evaporator coils to ensure your plant runs smoothly and your operation is not compromised by preventable work.

    What makes our maintenance service different?

    Once you are a maintenance client we provide you with the following:-

    • Maintenance schedule – showing the months of attendance
    • Site work – carry out the maintenance works as scheduled on the checklist
    • Reports – They will advise the need to carry out further works. We forward a full report on the work completed along with the work recommended.
    • Numbering system - We also provide a numbering system to help identification and tracking work history.
    • Site File - We compile a site file which we list and log all equipment defining the area the equipment services and where equipment can be found if remotely located. We record all attendance dates as well as the nominated maintenance personnel who completed the work. We compile a site map and record all numbered equipment in its location. This file also records any special needs or requests.

    Benefits of being maintenance client - Trust and peace of mind.

    • Plant is maintained in good working order
    • Equipment is kept clean
    • Running costs are lowered by keeping plant efficient
    • Minimize breakdown costs and inconvenience
    • Consumable plant is replaced before breakdowns occur
    • Critical items are regularly checked and or replaced
    • Government Compliance issues are covered
    • Meets OH & S workplace guidelines
    • Report history on plant is vital to determine future plant repairs, replacements,
      upgrades or refurbishment.
    • Fast response service in times of urgent equipment failure
    • After Hours standby service 24 hour - 7 days is available

    Request a quote for maintenance?

    Want to check the cost of our great service for a maintenance program? Just click on the link and provide us a few answers to a few questions and we will provide you a budget cost for your equipment free of charge.

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